Studying at a university is an experience of a lifetime because it not only prepares you for the world beyond the classroom, but it also helps you evolve as an individual. An education in India may or may not give you the chance to learn and grow with an international crowd, but Canada attracts students from around the globe all year round. Canada has been recognized as an education superpower. It offers a sound education system, friendly student environment and an immigration system that is open to everyone. One of the greatest aspects of studying abroad in Canada is that there is an option for students of all ages, whether you are in high school or in pursuit of a graduate degree. If you are looking to study in a student-friendly place with great academic options and highly ranked universities, then you should consider studying in Canada: the Great White North. Here are just a few ways that a Canadian study abroad program can benefit you


There is a saying that Canadians are some of the friendliest people in the world, and you will probably find this to be quite true. Canadians are very welcoming.  The country itself is quite safe, and there is a relatively high standard of living. In fact, Canada is listed among the 10 safest countries in the world. The country is also rich in diversity. Canada has two primary languages: English and French. You can expect to see signs and information in both languages wherever you go. However, you will also come across people from all around the world and many different languages are regularly spoken in all parts of the country. You will be able to experience well-preserved Canadian culture, but do not be surprised to come across cuisine or other aspects of your home country on occasion


By studying abroad you are likely to uncover all kinds of strengths and weaknesses you never knew you had. Studying abroad shows you your potential for growth and that the world has much to teach you. However, the benefits of study abroad do not only apply to you – they also apply to the people you come in contact with. Whether you live with a host family or with students your own age on a college campus, you are likely to have an effect on the people you meet while studying abroad. Some of those relationships might even last a lifetime. Whatever happens, you will never forget the many experiences you have while studying abroad in Canada. There are so many benefits to studying abroad that it seems like everyone would choose to do it. While it might not always be easy, the end results are often worth it – just like your higher education. To learn more about the many study abroad options available in Canada – and other countries around the world – start searching with SchoolApply today.